JDC Contracting
About Us

Established in 1997, JDC Contracting has always been family owned and operated.
Jack Dortignac, the Owner, has always had a vision that is customer first! You want it your way
and we want it your way because that makes everyone happy.

So far, JDC employees are mostly family. We're still small and we like it that way!

JDC is licensed by the State of California to perform General Contracting (B-1) and Electrical Contracting (C-10). In order to maintain a license in California, our Workman's Compensation Insurance must be current. Click here to see our current license status! (738040)

Our Journeymen are licensed by the State also and our Apprentices are enrolled in the State Approved Apprenticeship program (through ABC)

When we opened our doors in 1997 as a General Contractor, we were working on all types of residential and commercial projects. As time progressed, it became clear that we could better serve customers if we focused on one task (do you know how many tools you need if you do everything?!?). Electrical became our main focus in 2000 when Jack obtained his C-10 license. Since then, we've had the opportunity to perform many types of electrical work from 480V service upgrades, to specialty equipment connections, to low voltage control systems and networking.

Continuing education is essential to maintaining our knowledge of the current codes and standards. Also keeping up with the latest technologies and is therefore, a requirement for all of our employees.

Call us today and we would love to assist you with your project!

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